Meet The Band

Country Swagg burst onto the country music scene in 2013 and has made a name for themselves in just a short period of time. Playing regular shows and having a dedicated fan base has helped the band to continue growing. The band is currently working on their debut album, Guns and Guitars - release date TBA.

G. Infantino

Bass Guitar

Gabe started playing bass guitar 20 years ago as a way to impress the ladies. In the process, he discovered his love for bass guitar and music - although he is still not opposed to the ladies. Gabe has played and recorded with many musicians in the Syracuse, NY area including: Dirty Pool, Out of Bounds, Prison City Rockers, Juiceboxx, Powertripp and a few others. Originally from the Western NY area, Gabe got his start in music where he recorded and toured with the band Madhatter out of Buffalo, NY. Gabe has spent most of his time playing in the rock, blues and party scenes in and out of Syracuse but recently made his cross over to country. Since doing that, he still has love for rock music but has also gained a new found love of country music. Gabe looks forward to "Rocking Country." with Country Swagg Band.

M. Johnson

Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Mike started playing his drum-set when he was 10 years old and quickly grew fond of banging on things. Through his high school days, he decided he wanted to pursue a degree in drum-set performance when he went to college. Having such a strong interest in percussion, Mike didn't pick up his first guitar until he was 17 years old - however he had dabbled in piano playing in early years as well. Growing up on a farm, Mike was influenced by country music because of his environment. Once he had the basics down on guitar, he started singing and playing country music. From there, Mike has cruised through the country market in Syracuse and in 2012 won the local Texaco Country Showdown and advanced to the state finals. He also was a featured performer on the Bridge Street Morning Show on WSYR Channel 9 in June 2013. Following his love of country music he created Country Swagg in the winter of 2013.

T. Horst

Lead Guitar

Tim was born and raised in Navario, NY and grew up listening to country music. While Tim had pursued other styles of music throughout his years, he recently rediscoverd his interest in country. Tim has been playing electric guitar for seven years and has played with many local musicians and bands. Some of his former bands were Wild Ride, Fully Loaded, and Rewind. Tim has played at many local venues. Tim found he was leaning more toward the country side of things and found that Country Swagg was the perfect fit for his playing style.

R. Trout


Rob was born and raised in the rural town of LaFayette, NY. He started playing drums in his high school band at the age of 14 and after high school quickly found his way into the Syracuse, NY music scene. After playing and recording with some of the area's top bands and musicians, opening shows for world touring acts and gaining an abundance of knowledge in the music business, he has now found his calling with Country Swagg.

T. Stiles


Todd’s life has had a vast musical soundtrack since childhood. His home environment was alive and with no musical boundaries. The Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, James Taylor, and Deep Purple were just some of Todd’s early influences. He caught the guitar playerbug at the age of 5 with his discovery of the rock group KISS, and their fiery guitarist Ace Frehley. At the age of 12, Todd started playing with more dedication and tenacity when he was further inspired by (Eddie) Van Halen. Todd is a veteran player on the CNY scene, playing in hard hitting bands like Grind, Titanium Black, One Hard Krank and currently, the SAMMY Award winning Scars N’ Stripes. Todd is also sought after not only for his skill as a player, but for his easy going demeanor and ability to pick up songs quickly. Time and time again Todd has been called upon to contribute to some of the area’s most exciting and complex musical projects like; Runnin’ With The Pack (a Bad Company tribute band), and several of the Vinyl: Albums Live Series (performing classic rock albums in their entirety). Always striving to expand his skills and musical diversity, Todd joined Country Swagg in August of 2016, adding muscle and texture to the already dynamic sounding band.

Noted Accomplishments:

2012 Texaco Country Show Down

Local Winner and State Finalist

Bridge Street Morning Show

Featured performer on the WSYR Channel 9 Production

featured on local radio stations
B104.7 And Wolf 92.1
2016 Sammy Runner Up

Direct Support for Artists:

Colt Ford, Tyler Farr, The Cadillac Three, Cole Swindell, Phil Vassar, Kane Brown, Clare Dunn, Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles Jr., Mark Wills, Drew Baldridge, Blackberry Smoke, Joe Nichols, Shooter Jennings, Catfish Cooley & more!

Venues Played:

  • Roadhouse 48

  • Woody's Jerkwater Pub

  • Meadbrook Saloon

  • The Lost Horizon

  • F'SHED

  • Cowboys Saloon

  • Chevy Courtside Grill

  • Whiskey Boots

  • Maximum Power Park

  • Homer Field Days

  • Deruyter Field Days

  • Pompey Field Days

  • Blue Spruce Lounge

  • Muddy Waters

  • Taste of Syracuse

  • Papermill Island

  • Average Joes

  • Del Lago

  • Tin Rooster

  • The Heist

  • WildHorse Saloon & Bar

  • Dennys Mountain View

  • Syracuse Regional Farmers Market

  • Western Ranch Motel

  • Green Acres Bowling Alley Bar

  • Homer Firemen Field Days

  • Sharkeys Sports Bar

  • Pizza Man Pub

  • Candies Hillside

  • Cedarhouse Bar

  • Timber Tavern

  • Wounded Warrior Project

  • Lake Como Inn

  • Kegs Canal Side

  • Anchor Bar

  • Hill and Dale Bar

  • Knoxies Pub

  • Moniraes

  • Brotherhood Winery (americas oldest winery)

  • Pelican Petes

  • Nothin' Fancy

  • Jakes Grub & Grog

  • Toby Keiths I love this Bar and Grill

  • Carnegie Cafe